Meet PD!

PD knows that it takes just a little bit of time every day to keep your smile beautiful and your teeth healthy. So working with Dr. Scurria and everyone at Perimeter Dental Group, PD is helping all kids to remember to brush, floss and take great care of their teeth.

Join PD's Kids Club

Because all our young patients are special, we've created The PD Kids Club just for you. Every Perimeter Dental Group patient age 2 to 15 is welcome to join. When you come in for your regular checkup you will receive your own PD Kids Club membership card.

With every checkup at Perimeter Dental Group club members will receive a chance to win great prizes! Dr. Scurria will draw an entry from the club members who visited Perimeter Dental Group that month. One lucky PD Kids Club member will get to select a $25 Gift Card from PD's Prize Locker!

Good Daily Habits are Important

To help you develop great oral hygiene habits we have a few cool tools for the kids in your family to use. We want you to brush for 2 minutes twice a day and floss every night. To help you remember, use PD's Daily Duties chart. Pick one up at your next appointment or download and print it here.