Easy to find, Perimeter Dental Group's state-of-the-art office is located on Perimeter Drive just west of Avery-Muirfield Drive near the intersection of Perimeter Drive and Hospital Drive. Click here, or anywhere on the map above for a more detailed map and printable directions from where ever you live or work.

Street Address

Perimeter Dental Group
6780 Perimeter Drive
Dublin, Ohio 43016



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Hours of Operation

Monday 7AM to 4PM
Tuesday 9AM to 6PM
Wednesday 8AM to 5PM
Thursday 7AM to 4PM

In Case of Emergency

Call us a 614/766.5277 anytime in case of an emergency. When calling outside of normal business hours your call will be answered on our emergency hotline service who will take your information and relay it the Dr. Scurria who will get back to you quickly.